¶ 在家寻找外星人寻求帮助

2011-10-13 13:13



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Dear Zoom.Quiet:

[email protected] needs your help!

Green Bank Telescope In the last year, [email protected] has made great steps forward thanks to the generosity of volunteers like you. Earlier this year we were able to use the Green Bank Telescope (pictured) in West Virginia to expand our search to include the nearly 100 potentially habitable planets found by the Kepler Mission. We've also re-observed seventy two of the 102 sources of unidentified radio pulses found with our Astropulse search. We hope to observe the remaining sources soon. While it's likely that these pulses are a natural phenomenon, we don't yet know what we will find. Data from both these projects have arrived or are on their way to Berkeley and will be sent to our volunteers in the coming months. Without the support of user donations, these major new extensions to the [email protected] experiment would not have been possible.

Though the [email protected] experiment has been active for over eleven years, we are still branching out and exploring new scientific directions. As you may know, the data that your computer analyzes comes principally from the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico. While Arecibo is an immensely powerful telescope, it cannot see the entire sky. In the past we have been able to perform short duration observations at the Green Bank Telescope. But in the coming year, we plan to start continuous collection of data at the Green Bank Telescope, allowing us to listen in on parts of the sky that, up until now, we have not been able to reach.

We're also in the process of adding a new search algorithm to the [email protected] application. This new algorithm, called autocorrelation, will make us sensitive to certain broad band or spread spectrum transmissions without predicting their characteristics beforehand. No SETI sky survey has utilized this type of algorithm before.

[email protected] has always been a collaborative effort on a global scale; there is no other project on Earth that is quite as dependent on the help and contributions of the citizens of Earth at-large. In order to keep [email protected] up and running, as well as accomplish this year's scientific goals, we need your help. To make a secure tax-deductible donation click here, which will take you to a page of instructions on how to donate online or through mail via check. Any amount that you are willing to donate this holiday season would be a great help. Your contribution will not only allow [email protected] to continue to run as it has for the past eleven years, but also provide the opportunity to expand the search for intelligent life in exciting new directions. These efforts represent our best chance at answering the ever-elusive question: Are we alone?

Thank you for your support and continuing dedication to [email protected]


Dr. Eric Korpela, Project Scientist


[email protected] 这是多么浪漫的项目哪,都出现在不少网络小说中的科学项目; 就这么没了,卡尔小说中那些私人赞助并没有如期出现...


好在科学家有无数方法可以渡过经济危机,点击捐助 目前只要几万刀,就可以低烈度的继续寻找外星人了...


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¶ 首届PyCon中国大会发动!

2011-10-10 10:10


世界 Python 爱好者的顶级盛会 —— PyCon 大会将首次在中国举办!本次大会由(Python 软件基金会下的)PyCon.Org 正式授权 GTUG、TopGeek、CPyUG 等社区联合举办,由 Python 作者 Guido van Rossum 及其所在的 Google 公司提供关键支持。

本次大会云集了国内外最为杰出的 Python 开发者,国内 Python 领域的领军人物几乎悉数到场、作为 Python 重镇的各大知名公司几乎无一缺席,所有嘉宾都承诺将自己压箱底的 Python 绝活呈现给大家!沈游侠也会在大会上进行题为《Python,通向未来之路》的纯技术演讲,欢迎捧场。 12 月,让我们聚首上海! 大会订票已经开始 http://pycon.51qiangzuo.com 手速一定要快哦!

会议为期两天(12 月 3 日至 4 日),票价 60¥,全部用于会议期间的就餐费用,其余大会所有费用及礼品主要由 Google 等公司承担赞助。作为国内最大的赞助者,我们也同样很荣幸能够服务于广大中国 Python 爱好者。



N久前就开始义务的狂热的不断的推广 Python 了:

  • 070322-introPy/
  • 100820-introPy/

    PyCon - PythonInfo Wiki 2003开始,每年举行一次, 后来,随着 Python 的发展,Google 的崛起,每年一次,已经无法满足全球 Python 程序猿的现摆了, 于是,每年,各国都有 PyCon 授权的正式大会来Party HIGH 一下, Pycon Asia Pacific2010 在新加坡也整起来了,亲历了一下,很爽; 只是没想到,今年,中国说搞就搞起来了!

    虽然 Python 在中国,社区不少,但是没有 JAVA/.NET/Ruby 等那么趁钱,光鲜, 大家都在自个儿happy 的用,不怎么出来吼; 但是,在中国的 Python 程序猿真的都很NB 哪, 不出来吼,整得是个NB社区样儿,学生们可不屑来学习的哪.

    好了,夸了 的定期FB聚会, 大家一喝高了,就有了冲动,一冲动就成了...




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